HP 14s-dq5054nia Replacement Part Motherboard

HP 14s-dq5054nia Replacement Part Motherboard


Product Specification: HP 14s-dq5054nia

HP 14s-dq5054nia Replacement Part Motherboard

Brand: HP

Model: 14s-dq5054nia

Part: Replacement Motherboard


– Designed specifically for HP 14s-dq5054nia laptops

– Ensures compatibility with the existing components of the laptop

– Not compatible with other laptop models


– Genuine HP replacement motherboard for the HP 14s-dq5054nia laptop

– Built with high-quality components to ensure optimal performance

– Precision-engineered to fit seamlessly within the laptop’s chassis

– Designed to meet the original specifications of the laptop

Connectivity and Ports:

– USB ports: Multiple USB ports for connecting various peripherals

– HDMI port: Allows connection to external displays or projectors

– Audio ports: Headphone/microphone combo jack for audio input/output

– Ethernet port: Enables wired internet connectivity

– Card reader: Supports various memory card formats

– Other ports: May include additional ports such as VGA, DisplayPort, etc. based on the laptop’s original specifications HP 14s-dq5054nia

Expansion Slots:

– Memory slots: Allows for the installation of additional RAM modules

– Storage slots: Supports the connection of additional storage devices, such as SSDs or HDDs

– Other slots: May include expansion slots for add-on cards, such as Wi-Fi or graphics cards, based on the laptop’s original specifications

Power and Battery:

– Power input: Connects the laptop to the power adapter for charging

– Battery connector: Connects the motherboard to the laptop’s battery for power supply and charging

– Power management: Includes circuitry for efficient power distribution and battery charging

Note: The product specification provided here is a general overview of the motherboard’s features and functionality.

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